About Us

A next generation Poker platform that allows you greater control over your gaming skills, PokerNXT is the first holistic online gaming platform facilitating and assisting gamers to play Texas Hold'Em & Pot Limit Omaha for real money.

The idea stems from the cognizance of Poker as a game of skill and celebrating the ingenuity of the players. We believe the Poker is not a game of cards but a game of people. Poker calls upon your cognitive and emotional intelligence which are basic requirements of a wide range of professions.

Be it as a practical tutoring on how to use Game theory in your next marketing strategy or leveraging an arbitrage over a trade, Poker offers pearls of wisdom unparalleled by anything else out there. We would even dare to say Poker games can serve as your finishing school to life (and the adulting it calls for) and its myriad nuances.

Through PokerNXT, we want to be part of your adventure, your story, your enterprising exploits on the table. For in poker, as in life, the one thing you can blindly bet on is none but your own self.

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