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NXT Edge

A host of state-of-the-art measures and technological integration makes PokerNXT a safe, secure and responsible poker playing experience online.

Fraud Check Team

A dedicated team to monitor & prevent multi-accounting

Responsible Gaming

Smart toggles allowing you to manage and control your funds responsibly

Anti-Collusion Team

A dedicated team taking corrective actions against collusion & unethical practices

Report Player

Players can directly report any kind of suspicious/abusive behaviour by flagging them

Cryptographically Secure Pseudo-RNG

Highly secure PRNG ensuring a fair and honest game

Customer Support

Dedicated Customer Support available on call and email


  • Ante - Ante is a small bet that every player makes before the hand is dealt. Most Hold’em games use a blind instead of an ante.

  • Poker is War. People pretend it is a game
    - Doyle Brunson

    #FamousWords #PokerQuotes
  • Bluff - A bluff is a bet or raise you make to incite another player into thinking you have the better hand. Mum’s the word on this!

  • Legendary words by the even more legendary Scotty Nguyen!

    #FamousWords #PokerQuotes